My Story

No matter the medium, I’ve always thought of myself as a creator; I like to make, to express, to exhibit, to evoke. My design style no doubt tips its cap to an earthy-crunchy upbringing. I constantly find myself inspired by the sensory experience that is immersing yourself in nature. Growing up, my creative processes reflected tactile rather than digital methods, where pencils required sharpening, paint needed water to move it across the page, and scissor cuts couldn’t be undone with a simple ctrl z. I often made collages full of textures, colors and typography (from the occasional guilty pleasure magazines of my teens), layered with doodles and line drawings.

I’ve also had a tumultuous love affair with watercolors. But with any well-intended romance, I’ve learned the importance of forethought, intention, patience, and the ability to be adaptable to the way things fall on the page. Having observed and experienced the therapeutic nature of the creative process, I do my best to embrace the unknown, challenge what I know and help others feel empowered through creative means. Now that I’ve successfully navigated the maze of Adobe CC, I still make a point to pay tribute to these roots, but in a bolder and more refined way. My recent graphic endeavors have used modern art mediums to enhance the free-form creativity of my youth in developing marketing material and designs for clients and entrepreneurs.