Brewer’s Choice

This past spring, we decided to try our hand at home brewing a red ale. We’d successfully brewed a pretty tasty Hefeweizen beer the summer before that we called Staycation Hef, aptly named for it’s mellow yet sunny flavor.

This time around, the brewing got away from us a bit, and our much anticipated red ale, became a rich brown ale. In designing a label for this home brew, I wanted to riff off of this idea, and decided to go with a fishing analogy. 

Fishing is a big part of my family, and family get togethers usually involve comparing pictures of our latest catches.  We all have our stories of the ones that got away, and the ones that we had to fight for. We all dream of catching that monster rainbow trout, but will gladly hook a brown trout any day. Some days we catch nothing, but the time spent together makes it all worth it.

Or if all else fails – if you can’t catch a fish, catch a buzz.