Get Pumped!

A self initiated t-shirt design project and a tribute to my love of rock climbing.

Get Pumped no bkrd

pumped: pəmpt/(adjective, informal)
-(of a person) stimulated or filled with enthusiasm or excitement.
“I am so pumped for the concert tonight”

•   •   •

pumped: pəmpt/ (lingo, climbing)
-(of a climber) weakened or in pain (usually in the forearms) from a strenuous move or climb. “My arms are pumped, I need to take a break.”

For anyone who rock climbs, this shirt is the embodiment of what climbing is. Excitement and adreniline, mixed with pushing your limits and sometimes burning out. People love rock climbing for both the physical and mental challenge that comes with sticking a move, on-sighting a tough route, or simply showing up to the gym even when your arms are pumped.