Illustrated Map of Downtown Concord

This self-initiated project was a creative way for me to connect with other locally owned businesses in my community and to showcase my graphic design skills in a way that is eye-catching as well as educational.

This project taught me that the best way to showcase my design skills is to create things that I am passionate about. Marketing my business doesn’t have to be in the form of call to action advertising, but rather grassroots initiatives that support and showcase other businesses in my community.

Copies of this postcard was distributed to downtown businesses on International Women’s Day, and the businesses who participated were also given access to a Instagram press kit with images to be shared on social media. 

This design has since sparked a larger initiative within my community of Concord, NH, called Broaden Collective, which includes an online directory of women-owned businesses in New Hampshire. Get involved and learn more about this ongoing project HERE

Female Owned Business Map Downtown Concord NH