Inspired Infographic

As a designer I strive to inform, inspire and educate audiences of all kind through visual means. Creating infographics is just one way that I can help shed some light on information that otherwise might be overlooked.

More often than not, our world is dictated by numbers, statistics and getting results. Data lives everywhere, and is an integral part of every business, especially as it relates to marketing, sales projects, customer target markets, social media, finanace, and so much more! But not everyone can be a numbers person. Understanding what the numbers really mean can be tricky.

Travelcare Infographic small

This infographic was originally created as part of a renegotiation pitch for local start-up that focuses on creating quality connections between job seekers and recruiters, specifically in the travel healthcare industry (the name of the company and their statistics have been changed for their privacy). The goal was to showcase which job markets ‘Travelcare’ serves the most, as well as emphasize which companies and recruiters make the most successful matches. By showcasing this information, the CEO of Travelcare can pursue new companies that specialize in the highest ranking job markets served, or as a tool to renegotiate contracts based on high success rates.

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