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Digital downloads, aka the new ‘clip art.’

Falling leaves

I might be a little late to the party, but I’ve recently discovered that there is a huge market for digital downloads online, especially on sites such as Etsy and Creative Market. Everything from day planner inserts, to cartoons, to watercolor florals and wedding invitations.

Bird #1

Like anything, it’s hard to find your unique style or niche to make you stand out amongst a sea of modern clip art…Nonetheless, I tried my hand at it this past weekend, and am pretty pleased with the results! Twelve hours later, after hand painting each item, scanning them in, rendering them, and arranging them, I ended up creating fifteen unique pieces, and two complete templates.

Creating watercolor icons such as these did provide a different type of opportunity to explore the creative process. I got to watch as each unique piece evolved from pigment on paper to vibrant vectors that could dance across the page with a click of a button.

While I will always love the organic nature of creating custom art, invitations and greeting cards using tactile materials, this provided a new scope for the imagination.