Songs that Fuel Creativity

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the art? Not just what the artist was thinking when they made the piece, or the emotions they hoped to convey through their art, but instead how they as an artist gets into their zone, their space, their creative mode.

For me it’s always been music. Thanks to the joys of Spotify and Pandora, I have any and every type of music at my fingertips to help fuel my creativity. I have a few standby playlists that I know to tune in to when I’m needing to step into that ‘me space’ and go down a creativity black hole.

Recently, I’ve noticed that the songs that have stuck with me the longest are always that ones that have strong visual imagery – something I can grab onto and hold in my mind’s eye.

“Wild winters, warm coffee… blazing summers, cold coffee”

The curated series below was an exercise in putting these songs ‘on paper’ while keeping with a consistent aesthetic and color palette.

Small Art Prints

To listen to the playlist that inspired this series, visit my Spotify playlist HERE.  To purchase prints or framed copies of these designs, visit my Etsy Shop.

weepies project mock up